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Hello again, it is great to see you keeping up with my journey, believe me these next attractions were definitely worth the wait. The ride up on the Cable Car was very impressive, in just 6 minutes the Cable Car climbed straight up to the top of The Rock! I’m not particularly fond of heights, but the views from the Cable Car were spectacular spanning over the entire City and across the Bay of Gibraltar. Not only is the Cable Car an ideal mode of transport to the top of The Rock, it is also an exciting attraction in itself!

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After setting foot on the top of the Rock I was immediately met by a family of monkeys, Gibraltar’s famous Barbary Macaques. The babies are particularly adorable and as long as you do not feed the Monkeys you can admire them from a distance as much as you please, they are extremely curious creatures and are very interesting to observe.

From the Cable Car it is only a 5 minute walk downhill to The SkyWalk. Along the way you will come across the Barbary Macaque Feeding Station, this is where food is already set out for the Barbary Macaques by professionals and it is the perfect opportunity to capture the Monkeys in their element; eating, playing and sometimes even sleeping.

Approaching The SkyWalk was intense, I didn’t realise how difficult it would be to take the step onto the bridge whilst looking straight down at a 340m drop! However, after I built up the courage and took the step I thoroughly enjoyed taking in the breath-taking views! Without a doubt, The SkyWalk is one of the best viewpoints in Gibraltar! However, The SkyWalk is certainly not for the faint-hearted. You will have the opportunity to experience a 360º panoramic view of Gibraltar whilst standing 340m directly above sea level…directly above!

The best part about the GibraltarPass is that it provides the perfect opportunity to visit and enjoy all of the top attractions in just one day. You never have to worry about time, the GibraltarPass offers everything; the planned itineraries, round The Rock transportation and the GibraltarPass makes sure that we don’t miss out on any of Gibraltar’s amazing experiences!

Image of an ape in Gibraltar rock

Will be reporting back soon on the rest of my day on the famous Rock of Gibraltar! So look out for my next post!