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Hey, my name is Michael. Having lived in Spain my whole life I had never visited Gibraltar. That was until I found out about the GibraltarPass and finally realised what I was missing out on. I decided it was time to discover Gibraltar for myself and let me tell you, my expectations have never been so wrong! I set out to visit all of Gibraltar’s top attractions in a single day and thanks to the GibraltarPass I was able to experience the perfect day in Gibraltar! After crossing the border I got on the number 10 bus, which is included in the GibraltarPass, and arrived at the historic Trafalgar Cemetery. This left me at only a 2 minute walk from my first venture! I decided to visit both the Alameda Gardens and the Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park (AWCP) before exploring the upper rock.

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The Alameda Gardens truly is incredibly beautiful! I’ve never seen so many different plants from different climatic zones all in one area, I’d give it a 10/10 for aesthetics! On top of that the Garden is home to an abundance of varied bird life, numerous reptiles and countless butterflies. The Alameda is situated at the heart of Gibraltar and I’m sure it will never disappoint, it certainly impressed me! I can now appreciate why The Alameda Gardens is considered to be one of Gibraltar’s top attractions, I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Gibraltar.

After visiting the Garden I headed over to the AWCP, which is found inside the Alameda Gardens itself. It was impressive to see so many exotic animals cared for by Gibraltar’s very own Conservation Park. My personal favourites were the Spur-Thighed Tortoise and the Ring-Tailed Lemur. After speaking with and learning from the Park’s employees I was shocked when they told me that there are only between 2,000 to 2,400 Ring-Tailed Lemurs left in the world, this goes to show why it is so important that the essential role of the park is the conservation of threatened species. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing and learning about the different animals and my only regret is that I hadn’t done this sooner.

Image of The Alameda Gardens

Visiting the Alameda Gardens was the perfect start to my day trip in Gibraltar! I cannot emphasise enough how useful this product is for tourists looking to get the best experience of Gibraltar! Once I had discovered the Alameda Gardens I hopped on the Cable Car and set out to visit the next attraction on the list, The SkyWalk, but more on that in the next article…

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