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Immerse yourself in the captivating essence of Gibraltar’s Upper Rock Nature Reserve, where each trail weaves through the tapestry of history and nature, offering a unique journey through time and landscape. From the historic ridges adorned with sentinel posts of bygone eras to the lush Mediterranean maquis harboring diverse flora and fauna, these trails are not merely paths but gateways to the soul of Gibraltar.

Signature Trails

  • Douglas’s Path: Traverse the historic upper ridge, where echoes of the past meet panoramic vistas, guiding explorers through time-worn military posts and natural wonders.
  • Royal Anglian Way: Embark on a journey through history, named in honor of the regiment that restored this path, dotted with military remnants and scenic lookouts.
  • Devil’s Gap Path: Climb the vibrantly painted steps into the heart of the reserve, where tranquil pathways lead to historic batteries, offering a serene escape into Gibraltar’s military past.
  • Mediterranean Steps: Ascend to Gibraltar’s pinnacle via this exhilarating trail, clinging to the eastern cliffs, where each turn reveals breathtaking Mediterranean vistas.
  • Inglis Way: Wander amidst a lush Mediterranean tapestry, where olive groves and endemic flora provide a backdrop to the diverse avian and reptilian inhabitants of this ecological treasure.

Set forth on these trails for an immersive exploration of Gibraltar’s natural beauty and storied landscape.

Tap the Paths Below for Maps and Directions

Douglas’s Path

Trace the steps of history on Douglas’s Path, where you can meander along the Rock's summit and explore the remnants of its military past.

Royal Anglian Way

Named after the Royal Anglian Regiment who renovated it in the 60s, this path is marked by historic military sites including cookhouses and the notable Rooke Battery.

Devil’s Gap Path

Ascend the vibrantly painted Devil's Gap Steps into the serene Nature Reserve. The path guides you to the historic Devil's and Genoese Batteries via a peaceful trail.

Mediterranean Steps

Ascend to the Rock's summit via a path that scales the eastern side, offering stunning vistas of the Mediterranean below.

Inglis Way

Stretching over 1,200 meters, this trail winds through the Upper Rock's heartland, alive with Gibraltar's unique flora and fauna.