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While Gibraltar has a Mediterranean climate with around 300 days of sunshine and day time temperature during the winter months of around 15 degrees Celsius, it is certainly possible to experience days of rain predominantly during the months of November to March.  
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So what can you do in Gibraltar on a rainy winter day? Here are our top 5 suggestions:


1. Visit St Michael’s Cave –

being one of Gibraltar’s most popular attractions, this spectacular Stalagmite and Stalactite cave also features an immersive light and sound installation exposing layers upon layers of history fused with the Rock. The Awakening Show illuminates these sculptures of time and reawakens their hidden story. You will also be able to encounter the famous monkeys (apes) that live on the Rock and often wander around the entrance to the cave.

2. Take a tour to Lower St. Michael’s Cave –

few visitors know that there is another section to St Michael’s cave, tucked away from the crowds who visit the well known top part. Lower St Michael’s cave is of extraordinary beauty, glimmering with white, grey and red stalactite columns, resembling a cathedral with pulpit, chancel and organ pipes. This extraordinary beautiful cavern is remarkable for three reasons: the size of the main chambers, the profusion and variety of calcite formations, and last but not least – a lake of crystal clear water, nearly forty yards long estimated to hold 45,000 gallons. The cave is totally in its original natural state (although it is fully lit). In order to get to Lower St Michael’s cave there are organised tours with special qualified guides. The tour normally lasts around three hours and involves some scrambling and minor climbing with ropes. For details on tours contact the Gibraltar Tourism Board on  

3. Visit the WW2 Tunnels –

Gibraltar served as a highly strategic base for the British and American forces during WW2 with an entire network of tunnels excavated to defend the Rock in case of an attack, capable of accommodating over 16,000 soldiers. Indeed, the WW2 tunnels accommodated what amounted to an underground city. Within the tunnels there were an underground telephone exchange, a power generating station, a water distillation plant, a hospital, a bakery, ammunition magazines and a vehicle maintenance workshop. Visitors enjoy an audio-visual tour lasting approximately 45min, which include static exhibitions and photographic displays.

4. Visit the Great Siege Tunnels –

Visit the Great Siege Tunnels– This labyrinth of tunnels is said to be the most impressive defence system devised by man. Dating back to the Great Siege of Gibraltar in 1779, the tunnels feature historic cannons and multi-media displays depicting the unique military history of Gibraltar. The tunnels also afford the visitors with spectacular views in different directions and the opportunity to learn much about military inventions that helped to shape the future of artillery for centuries to come. 

5. Enjoy some traditional English tea –

Enjoy some traditional English tea- the historical centre of Gibraltar is dotted with some quaint cafes and tea houses ideal for a hot drink on a winter day, whilst walking around Gibraltar’s VAT-free shopping streets. Some of the most recommended places include Jury’s on Main Street, Sacarello Coffee Shop on Irish Town, the Gibraltar Tea Company on Tuckney’s Lane, and Café Solo in Grand Casemates Square.

In order to get to the abovementioned attractions, it is recommended to buy the GibraltarPass for a hassle-free, all-inclusive one day pass to all of Gibraltar’s attractions. The GibraltarPass combines all of Gibraltar’s top attractions under one ticket, including the cable-car, minibus Rock tour, the WW2 Tunnels, St Michael’s Cave, Apes Den, Great Siege Tunnels and much more. It also includes free public bus transportation from the border to the city centre and to the cable-car, along with a variety of freebies, perks and discounts in over 100 shops, restaurants, cafes and activity providers across Gibraltar. This digital pass is available for purchase online at and is sent to your mobile device to be scanned at all participating attractions, to gain entrance at no further cost. The GibraltarPass provides a convenient, value-for-money and superior experience of Gibraltar. 


In summary, Gibraltar is ideal for a short winter getaway and while most likely you will enjoy plenty of warm winter sun, even if it happens to rain, there is still plenty to do inside and outside the famous Rock!