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Opening hours:
Mon-Sun 09:00 – 18:15

The Military Heritage Centre, located at Princess Caroline’s Battery, is a treasure trove of Gibraltar’s rich military history. Open daily, this center is an essential visit for anyone interested in the military past of the region. It showcases an array of relics and artifacts that tell the story of Gibraltar’s strategic importance through various eras of history.

As you step into the Centre, you are transported into a world of historical battles, sieges, and military tactics. The exhibits, ranging from old uniforms to weaponry and photographs, provide a comprehensive view of how Gibraltar’s military evolved and adapted over the centuries.

Princess Caroline’s Battery itself is a historical site, offering visitors a glimpse into the military architecture and defensive strategies employed in Gibraltar. The setting of the Centre amidst these historical ramparts adds to the authenticity and depth of the visitor experience.

Explore Gibraltar’s Military Past

  • Engage with the extensive collection of military artifacts, each with its own story and significance in Gibraltar’s history.
  • Learn about the key historical events and figures that have shaped the military legacy of the region.

Visitor Information

  • Opening Hours: The Military Heritage Centre is open to the public from 09:00 to 18:15 every day.
  • A Journey Through History: Ideal for historians, students, and those fascinated by military heritage.
  • Location: Attraction is located on Rosia Road and not on the Rock itself.

Visit the Military Heritage Centre for an insightful journey into the past, exploring the stories and artifacts that have defined Gibraltar’s role in military history.

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