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The Gibraltar Pass is your best value-for-money way to explore Gibraltar’s most popular attractions. Soak up its breath-taking views, taste the fusion of its foods, experience its rich history, encounter its wildlife and indulge in its VAT Free shopping. Make the most out of your visit to the Rock, with the Gibraltar Pass!

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Minibus Rock Tour

Discover the highlights of Gibraltar with our Minibus Rock Tour. Led by experienced guides, this tour covers:

  • Europa Point: Enjoy views over the Strait of Gibraltar.
  • Top of The Rock Nature Reserve: Explore the natural beauty.
  • Ape’s Den: Encounter the famous Barbary Macaques.
  • St Michael’s Cave: Marvel at the geological wonder.

Departing from MidTown Coach Park, the tour lasts approximately 1hr 45min. Advance booking is required due to limited availability.

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*Note: With the Gibraltar Pass, choose between this tour or the Cable-Car for the Top of The Rock, but not both.

Opening hours:
Mon – Sat from 12:30

Image of Gibraltar Cable Car

The Cable Car

Experience breathtaking views from Gibraltar’s Cable Car, a swift 6-minute journey to the top. At 412m above sea level, the Top Station offers a café, restaurant, and giftshop. Discover Gibraltar’s beauty from the sky—open daily with varying summer and winter schedules.

The Cable Car is open 7 days a week:
Summer: 1st April to 31st October, from 09:30 to 19:15. Last Cable Car down 19:45.
Winter: 1st November & 31st March from 09:30 to 17:15. Last Cable Car down 17:45.

Image of The SkyWalk

The SkyWalk

Gibraltar’s SkyWalk, 340 metres above sea level, offers a thrilling 360º panoramic view from a cliff-hanging glass platform. An adventurous experience not for the faint-hearted, open daily.

Opening hours:
Mon – Sun        09:00 – 18:15

Image of Apes Den

Apes Den

Meet the famous Barbary Macaques at Apes Den, a unique encounter with Europe’s only freely roaming apes. Over 200 monkeys guarantee an unforgettable experience, open every day.

Opening hours:
Mon – Sun        09:00 – 18:15

Interior view of St. George's Hall in the Great Siege Tunnels, part of Gibraltar's historical military heritage.

The Great Siege Tunnels

Journey through history in the Great Siege Tunnels, a testament to military ingenuity dating back to 1779. Open daily, they feature historic cannons and multimedia displays.

Opening hours:
Mon – Sun        09:30 – 18:15, Last Entry 17:45

Image of O’Hara’s Battery

O’Hara’s Battery

Visit O’Hara’s Battery, the highest point of the Rock, for an up-close experience with Gibraltar’s military history. Open daily, it offers an insight into historic artillery operations.

Opening hours:
Mon – Sun        09:30 – 18:15, Last Entry 17:45

Image of Moorish Castle

Moorish Castle

Discover the Moorish Castle, Gibraltar’s oldest structure with stunning views over the Bay. Its history dates back to 1160, offering a glimpse into the past, open daily.

Opening hours:
Mon – Sun        09:00 – 18:15, Last Entry 17:45

Image of Gibraltar World War II Tunnels

World War II Tunnels

Explore the World War II Tunnels for a soldier’s perspective in this extensive network. Daily tours reveal life during wartime with exhibitions and photographs.

Opening hours:
Tours run Monday to Sunday from 09:30 – 19:15 (last entry 18:15 in summer, 17:30 in winter).

Image of The Alameda Gardens

The Alameda Gardens

Relax in the serene Alameda Gardens, a botanical haven since 1816. Featuring exotic flora and a wildlife park, it’s a peaceful retreat, open every day.

Opening hours:
Mon – Sun        09:00 – 20:00

Image of Windsor Suspension Bridge

Windsor Suspension Bridge

Cross the Windsor Suspension Bridge for unparalleled views across Gibraltar’s landscape. A thrilling 71-metre-long journey, open daily for the adventurous.

Opening hours:
Mon – Sun        09:00 – 18:15

Image of City Under Siege Exhibition

City Under Siege Exhibition

Experience the resilience of Gibraltar at the City Under Siege Exhibition. Located in historic buildings, it’s open daily, showcasing the civilian and military endurance during sieges

Opening hours:
Mon – Sun        09:00 – 18:15

Image of Europa Point Observation Point & Lighthouse

Europa Point Observation Point & Lighthouse

Europa Point offers spectacular views where the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean. Enjoy this picturesque spot with its interpretation exhibits, open 24/7.

Opening hours:
Mon – Sun        24 hrs

Image of The Military Heritage Centre

The Military Heritage Centre

The Military Heritage Centre, located at Princess Caroline’s Battery, displays relics from Gibraltar’s rich military past. Open daily, it’s a must-visit for history enthusiasts.

Opening hours:
Mon – Sun        09:00 – 18:15

Image of 100 Ton Gun

100 Ton Gun

Marvel at the 100 Ton Gun, a rare artillery piece dating back to 1883. Nearby, explore Rosia Bay, linked to Admiral Nelson’s historic return from Trafalgar. Open daily.

Opening hours:
Mon – Sun        09:00 – 17:45